Countryside Feed LLC

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Countryside Feed, L.L.C. is a manufacturer and supplier of quality feeds for all kinds of livestock, pets and hobby animals in Kansas and our neighboring states. Our mills in Hillsboro and Seneca have earned a Feed Manufacturing License from Purina® Animal Nutrition and have a capacity to manufacture about 210,000 tons per year.

Our mills feature sophisticated bag handling and robotic stacking lines which make feed handling and delivery much more efficient, driving down costs. We provide complete feeds in bag or bulk, as well as premixes, base mixes, mineral products and supplements for them all. For our commercial customers, we are dedicated to helping you feed livestock at the best nutritional–and profitability–levels for your operation. For our companion animal and hobby customers, our goal is to supply the feed and nutritional expertise that lead to long and healthy lives for every animal under your care.

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  • Address 1972 State Highway 187 P.O. Box 205,Seneca,KS,66538